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Summer School Course Request Form

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Important Note

Courses will be opened if at least 4 students are registered.

- In the Summer term, based on the Faculty/School Council decision, a student can take 2 or 3 courses subject to not exceeding 12 credit hours.

- Students who have fulfilled all requirements of the English Preparatory School, may register in Summer Semester courses.

- Students who previously received a (D-), (F), (NG), or (U) grade from a course must register for that course as soon as it is available in the Summer Semester

- The course that is offer at FIU, it cannot be taken from another University.

- Students who are not UFU students and want to take courses from UFU in the Summer Semester should apply to

- Regardless of the scholarship status , Students shall pay 600 TL per Credit

- Students who want to take Elective courses in the Summer Semester can also register for these courses with the approval of the Advisor.

- Students who wish to take courses in the Summer Semester must submit their requests by July 9, 17:30 at the latest.