Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Student Council

The Student Council is the official elected body of students at FIU, formed for students to have an official voice and representation regarding all issues concerning their education and welfare more generally.


2022-2023 Student Council


Board of Directors

President: Burak Tuncer (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

General Secretary: Cavit Can Bardakçı (Faculty of Educational Sciences)


Saadetnur Doğru (School Of Justice)

Kübra Kirk (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Filiz Numanoğlu (School of Tourism and Culinary Arts)


Board of Auditors:

President: Berivan Berfin Kaya (School of Physical Education and Sports)

Vice-president: Eren Akter (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Vice-president: Chyngyz Akunov(School of Foreign Languages)


Faculty and School Representatives

Halit Çulcu (Faculty of Dentistry)

Ömer İlhan (Faculty of Law)

Michael Oghenetega Johnson (Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences)

Hüseyin Gali (Vocational School)

Mevlüt Tunahan Demir  (Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts)

Zahra Ghaderi Zefrehei (Faculty of Engineering)

Silvia Asenova Tirna (Faculty of Health Sciences)