Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Immigration and Residence Procedures

Immigration procedures are completed online.  Please follow the steps below to complete the process:

1) Go to https://permissions.gov.ct.tr/ website

2) Register to the system:

  • For students who are going to register to the system for the time, click on “Sign Up Now” and complete the required information.  A username and password for entering the system will be sent to you either through an email or GSM.  You may now “Login” using the provided username and password
  • For students who are already registered, click on “Login to System” by entering your username and password

3) Once you have logged into the system, follow the steps to obtain a Foreign Student Registration Number (YKN).  This YKN number will be used in all procedures at government offices; therefore, be careful not to lose your YKN number

4) If you have completed the health report requirements and the system is showing “60%”, you can make the online payment for the immigration fee

5) Once you complete all the procedures, the system will inform you when your Student Permit is ready for collection

6) When your Student Permit is ready, you can collect the document from the Registration Office


Follow the steps below in order to get a Health Report:

  1. Click on “Geçerli Bir Sağlık Raporum Yok" – (I don't have a valid health report).
  2. Make the online payment for the laboratory fees (blood test).
  3. Once your online payment is made, the system will show the name and address details of the specified laboratory where you will go for your blood test.
  4. Complete the health tests in the specified laboratory.
  5. Once you get your health report, follow the steps listed in "If you have a valid health report" section.



  • Students who complete the registration procedures are required to complete the immigration procedures within the period of time provided upon their entry to the TRNC.
  • Students who fail to complete the immigration procedures within the specified period of time will be subject to a daily penalty due to not holding a legal residence permit.
  •  All international students are obliged to renew their health reports every year.