Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Clubs and Societies

Final International University directs its students to different student clubs and communities according to their interests and skills. Our university thus aims to provide the opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills, to help their personal development and to allow them to use their free time efficiently.

Social activities, clubs, events and trips at FIU enable students to:

  • Genuinely engage in our multicultural environment and develop interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  • Take part in organization and develop team and leadership skills.
  • Explore and learn more about the local culture.
  • Act as ambassadors locally for their own countries and cultures.
  • Make new friends and enjoy a rich and full life.

You can contact us via [email protected] to learn more about social and cultural activities.

FIU Clubs & Communities List

Billiard Club
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Togay Uluöz / Muslu Akgüney

Blue Butterflies Children Rights Club
The aim of the Blue Butterflies Children's Rights Club is to enable them to participate in scientific, social, cultural, educational, artistic and similar activities, to support their career development with such activities, and to develop their personal potential to the extent of their knowledge, abilities and interests, to provide self-confident individuals with a high sense of social responsibility that benefit the society. To ensure that they grow up as professionals, to highlight the institutional identity of the university inside and outside the university, to train them as individuals with research and creative qualities, and to carry out activities in this direction.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Kemal Ferit

Ceramic Club
The aim of the Ceramic Club is to enable faculty and students to transform ceramic material as a means of artistic expression into an artistic product in a concrete form and to express themselves through art with a three-dimensional work by learning the materials and techniques of ceramic art.
Advisor(s): Inst. Nevin Halis

Chess Society
The aim of the Chess Society is to give students skills such as seeing the result of their decision, making changes to their plans when necessary, developing analytical thinking ability and attention, making fast and accurate decisions, evaluating a large number of rules at the same time, developing different and original strategies in the face of problems.
Advisor(s): Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hüsnü Turanli

Cinema Society
The aim of our Cinema Society is to organize events that will highlight different aspects of cinema and broaden attendee’s horizons, and enrich the individual and society, in addition to its entertaining function. In this context, there will be an exchange of ideas and views after the film, with screenings in many categories such as festival films, independent films, films for cinema therapy or women's films for the agenda, or workers' films. At the same time, our students will have the opportunity to learn about cinema in interviews with filmmakers, directors, screenwriters or amateur filmmakers. Studio and equipment are provided to our students for short film and documentary works.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Bülent Taşel / Sen. Inst. Shahab Miri

Computer Society
The Computer Society (CompSoc) emerged to promote information technology, computer and internet use among its members. The community organizes academic and social activities as well as meetings to develop its members' computer-related knowledge and interests. During the meetings, invited speakers also present their opinions about the computer. Experts in computer and informatics give hands-on courses. The community also organizes events such as movie show nights, computer game (LAN) parties, robot races, chess tournaments, extreme sports and races.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Mobina Beheshti

Crafts and Painting Club
The aim of the Crafts and Painting Club is to develop students' hand skills and creativity, to enable and support students in two- and three-dimensional design by using paint and various materials.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Ali Tanrikul

Creative Thinking Club
Advisor(s):  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Kanık

Dance Community (Folk Dances/World Dances)
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Shahab Miri

Defense Sports Club
In this club, students will learn to train for fitness, flexibility and core strength while at the same time developing self-defense skills.
Advisor(s):  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kani Bilginaylar

Early Childhood Education Club
The aim of the Early Childhood Education Club is to emphasize the importance and necessity of early childhood, to enrich the value given to children, to develop social responsibility projects for children and to draw attention to special days for children.
Advisor(s):  Assist.Prof.Dr. Belma Tuğrul 

E-Football Club
The aim of the club is to provide an escape way to the students because of the pressure, the stress often created by the courses we are taking. This will also bring all FIU students together as one, no matter the faculty, the department nor the number of semesters completed. The club is intending to organise one or two major tournaments to determine the best FIU players.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Borhan Ghasemzadeh

ELT Club
The aim of the ELT Club is the preparation of the orientation program for new ELT students, the preparation of the orientation program for new international students, and the preparation of the annual Language Day organization.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Özge Çakmak İşitmez / Assist.Prof.Dr. Abbas Hadizadeh

English Speaking Club
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Batuhan Öksüzal / Sen. Inst. Ata Çalık / Sen. Inst. Seray Şenay Çörekçi

French Club
Advisor(s): Inst. Seren Dival

Happy Paws Club
The aim of the Happy Paws Club is to take care of animals in need of help and care, to protect animal rights and to inform students about these rights.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Hasan Özdal / Inst. Arzu Özpolat

History Club
Organizing visits and events to better comprehend Turkish and Turkish Cypriot National History and Atatürk’s principles.
Advisor(s): Assist. Prof. Dr. Devran Akbayram Kaya

Law Society
The purpose of the Law Club is to hold seminars where the legal aspects of the current events are discussed or to hold evaluation meetings among club members.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Eda Duran

Literature Club
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Nigar N. Yorulmaz

Mathematic Club
The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to introduce the science of mathematics and its history, to organize various social and cultural activities with university students, to keep in touch with the mathematics societies and clubs of other universities, and to invite academics from different universities to give seminars.
Advisor(s):Assist.Prof.Dr. Cemaliye Kürt

Model United Nations Society (MUN-FIN)
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Deniz Dinç

Music Society
In the music Society, which aims to make a positive touch to the lives of Final University students in their university life through music and musical activities, studies are planned to make the extracurricular student life enjoyable and fun and to create a rich social environment in addition to the lessons. The Music Group, which aims to bring together students who are amateur or professional in music during their education years and to continue their musical pursuits, hosts many music groups under the styles of local music, Turkish Pop and Rock, English pop and Rock.

Nature Walking and Nature Community
Nature Walking and Nature Community aims to increase the interest in nature sports, to make individuals love nature and nature sports, to instill sensitivity to the protection of nature, to adopt healthy living, and to encourage social solidarity and team spirit. Accordingly, many events are organized.
Advisor(s):  Assist.Prof.Dr. Togay Uluöz

Ombudsman Society
The Ombudsman community is a community that investigates complaints that may arise among university students, decries them, promotes the right, the law, the sense of justice, and makes decisions based on what is fair. The Ombudsman society covers the principles related to the organization and execution of activities and other works that students will do in scientific, social, cultural, sporting and artistic fields.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Eda Duran

Parkour Student Club
Parkour sport is an extreme sport that requires climbing and running, where it is important to cross obstacles fluently on created trails and be agile on trails. It relies on bodily endurance, balance and agility. This club allows students to improve their imagination, movement activity, increase their psychological and physical performance in studies, make quick decisions under stress, etc. it will improve many of its features. Students will be able to develop themselves in this field through research and intercollegiate competitions.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Simay Kanan

Philosophy Club
To create the opportunity for students to present and share certain subjects from a philosophical point of view in the student congresses. Developing the ability to prepare presentations and write articles through the methodological and content analysis of the presentations made by the faculty members of the department. Creating reading groups for the philosophy discipline and students who want to be particularly interested in the subject and want to deepen their philosophical understandings.
Advisor(s):  Assist.Prof. Dr. Ali Erden

Photography Community
The aim of the Photography Community is to enable individuals who take up photography as a hobby to improve themselves by taking part in various activities. In this context, by inviting people working in the field of photography professionally to the campus, carrying out studies to work together and exchange information with individuals in the photography community.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof. Dr. Aminreza Iranmanesh

Psychology Club
The aim of the club is to improve the professional belonging and knowledge of the students of the Department of Psychology. At the same time, it is aimed to gain familiarity with the field of the students concerned from outside the field. Activities to be held for this purpose are seminars, film analysis, creation of reading groups, Organization of awareness activities, preparation of informative posters and brochures.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Melis Dürü

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club
The aim of the club is to improve the professional belonging and knowledge of the students of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance. At the same time, it is aimed to gain familiarity with the field of the students concerned from outside the field. Activities to be held for this purpose are seminars, film analysis, creation of reading groups, Organization of awareness activities, preparation of informative posters and brochures.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. İpek Alkan

Radio Community (Radio Final)
In the Radio Community, our students will have the opportunity to make their own programs on the radio of our university, which has been on the air since July 2016, to develop themselves in radio broadcasting and communication, and to chat with musicians. The aim of our radio is to contribute to the education of our students as well as to contribute to culture and art. It is based on the principle of publication, which aims to include a wide range from seminars and scientific events that will take place within the university to various music programs that will improve the music taste of the listeners.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Togay Uluöz / Sen. Inst. Uğurcan Taşdelen

Red Crescent Club
The aim of the Red Crescent Club is to provide technical trips, various trainings, picnics, camping visits, and other opportunities to contribute to individuals as well as serving the society.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Ceren Ersoy Arik

Search and Rescue Club
The purpose of the Search and Rescue Club is education in the first aid, fire response, flood, traffic accident, structural debris, descent, climbing, knot, etc. that we will receive from the Civil Defense Organization to participate in National and International Search and Rescue Games on behalf of our school, to organize a camp as a club, to organize various activities and games about search and rescue, to have a good time and to learn.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Simay Kanan / Sen. Inst. Göksel Erdem

Social Solidarity and Charity Community
The aim of this club is to be an effective and effective community in the sense of informing and gaining experience in the environment in which it is located about the concepts of Social Responsibility and volunteerism. In this context, instead of providing short-term solutions to social problems, the club prepares trainings to avoid these problems, leads the creation of a scholarship fund, prepares joint events with other clubs to provide income to the fund, orphanages outside the University (helping with their courses, playing games), nursing home, special education school, children's Department of State Hospital, etc. it is based on activities such as visiting places, planting seedlings in cooperation with the Forestry Directorate.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Ece Işılay Şık / Sen. Inst. Sena Tanta

Special Education Community
The aim of the Special Education Community in all areas of life to be able to communicate better with individuals with special needs may experience them to provide help in the most appropriate manner, to follow scientific and technological developments in the field of Special Education, scientific studies to present in student congress, is to do the work of creating social awareness and consciousness.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Gülçin Yılmaz / Assist.Prof.Dr. Neslihan Türker

Theater Society
Theater Society’s aim is to support students in the field of theatre and contemporary ideas around common interests and enable them to express themselves in a way that will allow them to be free social, intellectual, and cultural context activities in creating a framework for students to develop in the field of theatre, giving you the chance to increase their knowledge and experience, the members of the club of academic, social and artistic development of modern, democratic, and social aims to contribute to individuals.
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Razge Sıla Zorba

Tourism and Culinary Arts Club
Advisor(s): Assist.Prof.Dr. Nafiya Güden

Turkish Speaking Club
The aim of this club is to increase interest in Turkish language as an international language and to increase its usage among international students and to hold related activities.
Advisor(s): Sen. Inst. Uğurcan Taşdelen