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General Information


FIU Rectorate's Social and Cultural Activities Coordination office is responsible for organising various activities to cater students' social and cultural needs and to foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration among FIU students. The office is also responsible for student clubs and societies. All FIU students are eligible to participate in activities held by clubs and societies. For more active participation, students can become members of these clubs and societies and take on additional roles and responsibilities. 

Throughout the academic year, events and activities are organised that have both social and educational purposes, including seminars from visiting speakers, concerts, exhibitions, parties, and celebrations of our multicultural character, through international nights of music, cuisine and dance. In addition, many academic and social events including multinational tournaments, international music, food and dance performances are organised by the Social and Cultural Activities Coordination office.

All students can benefit from the services of the Social and Cultural Activities Coordination office and join the event held by FIU. Depending on the type of the activity, other institutions and local people can also benefit from the organised events. 

You can contact us via [email protected] to learn more about social and cultural activities.

Social and Cultural Activities Coordinator 
Sen. Inst. S. Shahab MIRI
Email: [email protected]