Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

About FIU International Summer School

The Educational program at FIU International Summer School is designed to:

• Develop students’ English language knowledge and skills

• Help students to become better learners

• Help students to consider their future education and careers

• Ensure that students enjoy their learning experience through a variety of projects and interactive activities.

During the course, students can expect to benefit from many different classroom experiences, and may typically:

• Take a short placement test to assess their English level, and be placed in classes according to the results.

• Attend an orientation to learn about FIU, Kyrenia and the program in general.

• Meet their teachers and other students and introduce themselves.

• Select their group projects and presentations for the program.

• Plan their projects.

• Learn how to give effective presentations.

• Attend a seminar on choosing universities and careers.

• Prepare for the Saturday day-trip by learning about the places to be visited.

• Report back on their trip, and present short reports and photographs.

• Learn how to make the best use of computers in learning English.

• Prepare for and participate in an essay competition.

• Present their projects to the class.

• Take a computerised English language Test and receive an official record of their result and their English language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

• Receive an official certificate for their course attendance and participation.


The Teachers, Trainers, Organisers and Assistants you will meet during the program come from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds, and are qualified and experienced internationally to provide a top quality summer school experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Our Summer 2019 program offers two exciting ‘combo’ options, in which students develop their English language skills in both the classroom and through hands-on enjoyable activities.


Students will benefit from:

• 15 - 25 hours weekly of English language instruction

• 10 hours weekly of activity-based learning

• Additional excursions and trips to places of local interest.

Students at FIU Summer School may register for one of the following three modules:

1. English Plus

2. English and Sports and Leisure

3. English and Gastronomy



Final International University (FIU) was founded in 2015 in the Kyrenia district of North Cyprus, one of the Mediterranean’s most popular touristic attractions, as a partnership between Final Education Institutions, a premier educational brand in Turkey, and the DMG-Akgünler Group, a leading operator in the tourism sector in North Cyprus. In the 2016-2017 academic year, under the umbrella of 3 faculties and 1 vocational school, the university opened its doors to students with 7 undergraduate programs. In the 2018-2019 academic year, our university continues its educational activities with 18 programs within 7 faculties and 2 vocational schools.

Final International University is located just outside the famous touristic town of Kyrenia, in North Cyprus. As a small Mediterranean island study destination, FIU is able to offer international students a unique study and life experience:

• A safe and secure environment

We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

• Easy access

We are just over one hour’s flying time from the major international hub of Istanbul.

• A warm welcome

The island is famous for hospitality, and for the warmth of its people.

• Sun, sea and sand

With over eight months of sunshine a year, and a range of beautiful beaches, the island offers fabulous leisure opportunities.

• A multicultural experience

Cyprus has always been at the crossroads of civilization. Its extraordinary history is reflected in the many historical sites you can visit, and in the open and tolerant lifestyle you will enjoy.

• Freedom of belief

North Cyprus is home to people from many parts of the world. Everyone is free to practice their religion, and have the facilities available to do so.

• Family values

As a small island culture, family and community values are very important. This includes a strong emphasis on the rights of women. Female students on the island feel safe, secure and well-looked after.

• International atmosphere

Visitors and residents from all around the world create a multilingual and multicultural atmosphere, contributing to the personal development of students.