Final International University | FIU students returned from 'GastoAntalya23' with 3 gold and 4 silver medals.

FIU students returned from 'GastoAntalya23' with 3 gold and 4 silver medals.

GastroAntalya23, one of Turkey's largest professional competition and gastronomy events took place between November 15th and 18th, 2023, at the Antalya Glass Pyramid Exhibition Area. Final International University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program represented TRNC in these competitions. FIU Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program, as the sole university representing TRNC, participated in these competitions where hundreds of chefs and chef candidates from 36 countries competed in 46 categories. Our students achieved success in various categories, gaining numerous awards and rankings in international competitions.

Under the guidance of our instructors Kemal Ferit, Dervişe Demir, and Selim Yeşilpınar, the awards received by the students participating in the competition are as follows:

  • Baran Savga: Gold medal for Fish Plate.
  • Eylül Arabul: Gold medal for Pasta Plate.
  • Sevda Aslan: Gold medal for Main Course Plate.
  • Busenaz Yıldır: Silver medal for Dessert Plate.
  • Eylül Arabul, Sevda Aslan, Busenaz Yıldır: 3 silver medals in the team competition.