Final International University | USF Dean Çobanoğlu’s FIU visit

USF Dean Çobanoğlu’s FIU visit

The tourism industry and trends within this sector are subject to constant change and development, which makes adaptation an integral part of our work as educators of the sector. The demands of both consumers and human resources are also expanding simultaneously with the increase in higher expectations. So how does this affect Tourism Education and the choices that we make? 

To be ahead of the competition and adapt to these demands, the FIU School of Tourism and Culinary Arts (STCA) is committed to its guarantee that the students will be educated and nurtured to become ‘global citizens’ by the time of graduation. Opportunities on a global scale are provided for our students and graduates, in our quest to support the development of the industry via fully equipped and accomplished graduates from our institution. The FIU STCA ensures that its graduates have the skill-sets needed to appreciate and adapt to working within different cultures, and to contribute to the enhancement of new visions and technologies within the field. 
This week, FIU proudly hosted Professor Dr. Cihan Cobanoğlu, Faculty Dean of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of South Florida, who very generously conducted a detailed and insightful presentation about both our 1+1 Master Degree program in ‘Hospitality Management’ in collaboration with the USF, and the endless array of opportunities for our students that will arise as they integrate the USF network. 

Our sincere gratitude goes to Professor Cobanoğlu for his presentation that truly inspired our students from the tourism, gastronomy, and business departments, as well as the Golden Team Members of STCA. 

We look forward to develop upon this partnership with USF and to create many more exciting projects together!