Final International University | FIU Engineering Faculty: Generating Solutions to Global Problems

FIU Engineering Faculty: Generating Solutions to Global Problems

Final International University Faculty of Engineering is looking forward to welcoming a brand new cohort of students in the next academic year. With a highly qualified academic staff, modern research laboratories, SMART classrooms, and facilities, including internet support, FIU is looking forward to training a brand new generation of innovative and idealistic engineers, able to break down geographical and cultural barriers in their search for the solutions to the problems faced by mankind.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Baki Koyuncu recently described how the FIU Engineering Faculty has been founded with these targets in mind, and how the Faculty is engaged in all aspects of Engineering, including energy, robotics, and many other types of educational and research activity. Starting with Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering, The Faculty has expanded into the fields of Civil Engineering and Information Technology with all programs approved by the Higher Education Authorities of Turkey and North Cyprus. Further programs are planned for the near future, all of which will share the same goal of training entrepreneurial and creative engineers who speak the global language of science and who have a commitment to ethics, education and research. Students in the FIU Engineering faculty will benefit from conducting original research with their instructors right from the outset of their undergraduate program, a key issue in our fast-moving scientific and technological era.

Dr. Koyuncu and FIU invite all prospective Engineering students to join the Final family and contribute to finding constructive solutions to the many problems we now face in this world.