Final International University | Education for Democracy & Human Rights

Education for Democracy & Human Rights

The training course ‘Education for Democracy & Human Rights’ received full support and cooperation from the Rectorate at Final International University. The professional training course ran from 8th December 2017 and ended on 30th March 2018 with eleven participants successfully completing the course. Ms. Rhian Webb, a teacher trainer working at Final International University ran the course, as part of a larger European strategic objective, in which the Council of Europe has funded educational programmes with the aim of developing positive learning environments for pupils and students where a competence-based approach to learning and teaching is taken.  The overall aim of the training was to strengthen the capacity of teachers, educators and administration staff in citizenship and human rights education, to promote the latest Council of Europe approaches and tools in citizenship and human rights education, and to support their use in educational practice, as well as to contribute to the development of a professional pool of trainers in South East Europe, with a focus on citizenship and human rights education.