Final International University | “Parents Schooling” from Final International University Is the Digital World Colourful or Risky?

“Parents Schooling” from Final International University Is the Digital World Colourful or Risky?

Final University organized an educational workshop with the title of “Is the Digital World Colourful or Risky?” for families. Families who attended the workshop had children from different age groups. The workshop was presented by Final University Instructor Education Psychologist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Derya Ergin.

In the workshop, participants were able to convey their views, make evaluations on digital development, which is the biggest necessity of our era, but also dangerous, with the sections from their own lives. In addition, hazard limits were evaluated in the workshop, especially in digital use of children and adolescents.

“It is better to take precautions before the problem becomes an addiction”
Phone, tablet, television, smart devices, internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels where personal accounts can be easily opened are now available to ever age group.
 Stating that this is a natural process brought by our era, Final University Educational Psychologist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Derya Ergin emphasized that the main thing is to define the problematic use.

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Derya Ergin; “Problematic use is the inability of a person’s control over the use of digital tools, resulting in serious distress, functional impairments in their academic performance, social interaction and business life. In other words, we can talk about problematic use and take precautions when the person constantly thinks about the digital tools and they feel uneasy when the tools are unavailable as well as the time they spend without these tools becomes insufficient for them. This is a limit not to be forgotten for our children as well as for ourselves. ” Stating that, problematic use can cause problems in relationships, school life as well as physical and psychological problems. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Derya Ergin summarized the suggested solutions are as follows: “First of all, you should realistically be aware of your child’s age. Then observe, follow and educate yourself on the digital world and tools. Share your time with your child and let your child talk to you. Be careful about your own use of digital tools. Usage time and game restrictions, rules and limits that should be followed and preparation of activity lists are positive solutions that can prevent this problematic use.

One of the most important points here is not to forget that every limitation you put on your child also applies to you.”