Final International University | Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Measures Are Being Implemented At Final International University

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Measures Are Being Implemented At Final International University

The Final International University is taking intensive measures in addition to the ongoing measures taken in relation to the outbreak of Covid-19, known worldwide as “Coronavirus.” During the period during which the TRNC government has suspended education, decontamination processes are continuing on the university campus and in the living areas, and information is given on personal measures to prevent the disease. All entries to the University, from the enrolment period, are monitored by thermal cameras. In addition, after the announcement of the decision to suspend the education due to the epidemic, the online education system makes use of the existing infrastructure to enable Final University students to continue their courses without interruption.

In line with the decisions taken by the administration of Final International University, it is aimed to protect every student from the epidemic and to continue their education. In addition to measures and awareness-raising, the administration also strives not to create unnecessary fear, anxiety and panic.


Expanded scope of disinfecting operations on campus and living areas

The Final International University Çatalköy campus and the dormitories which are the living areas of the students are undergoing extensive disinfecting operations against the Covid-19 virus. Final International University students are given information that will raise their awareness about individual cleanliness. All classrooms, libraries, canteens, dining halls, dormitories and service vehicles are cleaned with special materials within the scope of the disinfecting processes that started before the detection of the virus in our country and expanded after the occurrence of the infection in TRNC. In addition to extensive disinfecting procedures, three meals are provided and temporary mini-markets are being established where urgent needs can be addressed in order to reduce the need to go outside the dormitories.


Education Will Be Continued Online

The distance education system continues by taking advantage of the existing infrastructure of the university, which is made possible by means of the online education system. Distance education is carried out through the University's LMS system. During the distance education process that will take place after the academicians and students register and enter the system, students will be able to access courses, get information, do homework, and communicate.