Final International University | Important Announcement

Important Announcement

The TRNC Ministry of Health has taken and continues to take additional measures to ensure that TRNC remains safe during the COVID19 pandemic. The precautions taken and the quarantine decisions are mandatory measures to ensure that our students coming to TRNC and the public remain safe from COVID19.

By taking the necessary health-related measures, we will implement alternating face-to-face interaction and hybrid education with our students who can come to TRNC. Alternating face-to-face interactive education is carried out all over the world in order to apply safe distance rules in campuses, classrooms, public areas, and bus services.

As Final International University, we support face-to-face education. However, students who are unable to come to TRNC due to the pandemic and/or compelling reasons will continue to study online. If the TRNC government, YÖK and YÖDAK make any changes to these decisions, new applications will be announced immediately to our students. 

Currently, the quarantine period for students coming to TRNC is applied to Group B countries as 1 Week and Group C countries as 2 weeks. (For the list of Group B and C countries:

The TRNC government provides free testing and quarantine services for students arriving to the TRNC until September 20, 2020. If there is a change in this decision, our university will continue to provide quarantine services at low costs in its own dormitories and pre-arranged hotels.

It was previously announced that make-up lessons for practical courses that couldn’t be held during the Spring semester of 2019-2020 will start on September 21, 2020. For students who have arrived in TRNC but cannot attend the lessons due to being quarantined, these courses will be compensated. We would like to inform you that due to the quarantine process you will not be affected by absenteeism. Practical courses will be carried out face-to-face with students who have arrived in TRNC and on a date to be determined later for students who have not. 

Briefly, our preference is always face-to-face education in the campus environment. However, because our priority is the health of our students, face-to-face and online classes will be conducted at the same time during the Fall semester. Thus, no student's education will be disrupted.

If there are changes in the conditions of the pandemic and the decisions taken by the TRNC Government, the above regulations may change and will be brought to your attention immediately.