Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Orhan Gemikonaklı

Welcome to Final International University Faculty of Engineering.

Using mathematics, basic sciences, and creativity, engineers transform the power and resources of nature and technology into tools, devices and inventions that benefit the human race. Engineers contribute to improvements and innovations in every conceivable area.

The technologies evolved by the engineering field itself as foundations for future projects, and the new environmental and human problems that result, along with changing developments and needs in non-engineering fields result in the constant renewal and evolution of the engineering discipline. Today's engineers need to be equipped with frameworks and skills that can help them adapt to the fast developing technology and to the challenges of this change, and able to embrace lifelong learning as a practical philosophy.

Engineering is an applied science. Although engineers rely on a theoretical knowledge base, they always take into consideration real-life constraints, environmental conditions, engineering ethics and market conditions. The products that satisfy all these elements can only transpire if engineers with a strong theoretical background, engineering ethics and environmental awareness, are aware of real life conditions and can put  theoretical knowledge into practice. Moreover, the close relationship with the developments in other fields of work and the fact that large projects are carried out with large teams in today's conditions require engineers not to work on their own, but to work together with other people from their own fields and also from different disciplines.

The programs of Final International University Faculty of Engineering aim to train entrepreneurial and innovative engineers who have a strong theoretical background, are equipped with practical knowledge and skills, adapted to teamwork, understand environmental and market conditions, and have a lifelong learning philosophy. Advanced modern laboratories, courses strengthening theoretical background, elective courses supporting specialization, a young and dynamic academic staff, project-based educational practices, projects that require team work, clubs and extracurricular professional activities  at the Final International University all support these aims.

Our Engineering Faculty currently has undergraduate degree programs in Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering. In addition, we aim to open new engineering programs within the faculty in the following semesters/years. All these programs are planned in accordance with international accreditation requirements.

The opinions and suggestions of our all internal and external stakeholders, including private and public institutions, trade associations/chambers, faculty members, students and alumni are very valuable to us. All channels of communication are always open for the development of our faculty.

I am delighted to invite you to play a part in developing methods, devices and inventions in the Final International University Engineering Faculty, and thereby collaborate in finding solutions to the problems posed by nature and life.