Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aims and Outcomes

Our Law Undergraduate program aims to train students who will have the ability to use today’s technology effectively in connection with the mission of our University, can think freely and originally within the framework of ethical values, can be able to keep up with the rapid change of globalization, fully equipped with professional knowledge and skills as team leaders and players with high social and emotional intelligence.

In this regard, it is also the purpose of the course to train students who are aware of their rights, who claim their rights, can offer legal solutions to the changes and developments in society, to consider law as a social phenomenon, and to have analytical thinking skills.

Students who graduate from the Law Undergraduate Program will achieve:

  • sufficient, reliable and up-to-date knowledge in the field of law;
  • specialization in Turkish law;
  • judgment, interpretation and analytical thinking skills specific to the field of law; a skill to establish a common mind that is compatible with the universal principles of law by determining the legal problems correctly;
  • skill to be able to produce equitable, human-oriented and fair solutions that adhere to the universal principles of law;
  • free and original thinking; multidisciplinary working skills;
  • skills to taking part in research, projects and activities with social responsibility awareness;
  • skills to use sources of information effectively