Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

Program Language

  • Turkish

Who Can Apply?

Students who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;

Students who are successful in the FIU Scholarship and Ranking Exam

  • Students who have completed their entire high school education in TRNC high schools and have been successful in the FIU Scholarship and Ranking exam
  • International students

Course  Essentials

Dentistry Undergraduate Program was established in 2020 within our Faculty of Dentistry. Dentists graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry will be health professionals who can serve with high quality and using the latest technology. In the Dentistry Program, the aim is to provide and protect oral and dental health, treatment of teeth and gum diseases, dental and jaw surgeries, prosthetic completion of missing teeth, equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies; taking care of the benefit of society; is to train a “dentist” who is a researcher, questioner, has lifelong learning and evidence-based practice skills, and thus preferred by the health and education world.  Dentists who graduate from this program can continue their careers as health professionals and can pursue higher academic studies if they wish.

The diplomas of our graduates are registered by both the TRNC and the TR Ministry of Health.