Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aims and Outcomes

Our Vocational School of Justice is a higher education institution, and our graduates are entitled to receive an associate degree diploma. The purpose of our school's program is; To train qualified intermediate manpower with basic legal knowledge, equipped with high value-producing knowledge and experience, by training the qualified personnel needed in the field of law and judicial services in accordance with the professional needs of today and the future and in accordance with the prepared curriculum.

Academic and technological developments lead to the emergence of new areas that increase day by day in justice mechanisms. For example, the increase in the use of information communication technologies and mass communication channels reveals the need for intermediate personnel who are highly skilled in this field, who can adapt to new conditions, who can follow digital applications, and at the same time will not cause problems in practice and support forensic practices.

The Vocational School of Justice aims to close the gap in this field by creating its curriculum in a way to meet the need for intermediate staff needed in judicial services. Most of the courses also have practice hours, and in this way, it is aimed that the students will be able to master the practice and the problems encountered in practice, so that they can adapt immediately and correctly to the practical process in the justice mechanisms.

It is also possible for our graduates to transfer to undergraduate programs, including law faculty, within the framework of the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Upon successful graduation from the Vocational School, students:

  • Know the general principles and rules that those working in the justice legal services sector should know.
  • Know the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, laws and regulations along with the Turkish judicial system.
  • Carries out filing and archiving activities to meet the needs of the offices.
  • Makes all kinds of correspondence.
  • Knows The Ministry of Justice UYAP technology and its use.
  • Improves the ability to identify problems and seek solutions in unforeseen situations in professional studies.
  • Thinks analytically and makes quick decisions in the face of problems.
  • Knows the structure of the Ministry of Justice and communicates within the framework of protocol rules.
  • Has the knowledge and awareness of social responsibility, ethical values, social security rights, occupational safety, worker health and environmental protection required in the field of Justice services and continuously develops itself in this regard.