Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

The School of Tourism and Culinary Arts (TMSYO) was established in 2017.

International Hospitality Management with Ulster University Program, which is at the undergraduate level, is given in English, and the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program is in Turkish.

Our department of International Hospitality Management, International Final University, aims to train personnel to manage touristic enterprises that provide a wide range of services to meet all kinds of needs of their guests in accordance with the understanding of modern tourism.


Program instruction is in English.


  • TRNC citizen students
  • Students of Turkish citizenship
  • International Students
  • Students who are successful in the UFU Scholarship and Ranking exam
  • Students who have completed their entire high school education in TRNC high schools and succeeded in the UFU Scholarship and Ranking exam.


In seeking to provide the best possible education in the field of tourism, Final International University enjoys two major advantages provided by the founding partners of the University.  The first is the more than forty years of experience of the Final Education Group in providing further and higher educational programs all round Turkey; and the second is the vast applied knowledge of the DMG-Akgünler Group in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, encompassing a consortium of tourism establishments including the largest tour operator in North Cyprus, sea travel, accommodations and restaurants. 

In today’s diverse world, tourism and hospitality students need not only formal education in the field, but also experience with practical training combining the theoretical knowledge gained in classes with workplace practice.  The program of study has been critically examined and developed with experts from the tourism sector and educational professionals to make sure that graduates will have a guaranteed job guaranteed on completion of their studies.

Students on the program are challenged not only through written assessments but through a combination of work placements, assignments, presentations, guest speakers, educational visits, attendance at conferences and workshops, and participation in international competitions.  These opportunities serve the very best interests of our students, and enable our department to compare itself with the best hospitality and tourism schools around the world.  One of our lecturers is on the executive board of Eurhodip, an association of top award-winning tourism and hospitality schools, and which represent the standards that our department is committed to meeting. FIU classrooms have the highest levels of technology for student use and the department has labs set up with front office reservations and ticketing programmes (Opera, Amadeus etc.), kitchens with the state-of-the-art design and accommodation, congress, resort and spa facilities that are open learning labs for our students.