Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes


The main aim of the Physical Education and Sports Teaching program is to train physical education teachers who will exhibit self-confidence and social awareness, ethical values, are able to adapt themselves to today's rapidly changing information flow and technology, and transfer knowledge and skills within their environments. The program aims additionally to educate sportsmen in all branches, as well as leisure-time instructors able to actively work in public and private organizations in accordance with the needs of the era. The program is intended to provide world-class professional qualifications and a high level of academic competence.


The School of Physical Education and Sports actively participates in the physical, sporting and academic activities of both individuals and the community with a view to actively raising their life quality, and by providing scientific support to the island, to take national and international sporting success is carried to the highest possible level.


The School aims to be a trusted institution, serving in the fields of Physical Education and Sports and developing the quality of life at regional, national and international levels in both education and research.