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  • TRNC citizens
  • International students

General Information

Final International University English Language Teaching Master's Program (with Thesis) is a 2-year program where students must complete 7 courses, a seminar and a thesis, accounting for at least 120 ECTS credits. nglish Language Teaching Master's Program (non-thesis) is a 1.5-year program where students must complete 10 courses and a project, accounting for at least 93 ECTS credits. Students enrolling in the program may need to take deficiency courses if deemed necessary. Students are awarded a master’s degree in English Language Teaching.


Our vision is to be an institution that award its students diplomas at the highest level of respect and acceptance at national and international levels and have graduates who can contribute to their country and the whole humanity by using the knowledge, skills and values they have gained during their education in their professional lives.


Our Mission is to train our students as experts who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values ​​required by the 21st century; who can think independently and have universal values; who follow scientific and technological innovations and contribute to these innovations with scientific research and who will have the capacity to adapt an instructional model suitable for the context in which they work.