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The English language plays a dominant role in the global community of the twenty-first century. It is a native language for around 400 million people, and used as a second language by well over 700 million more. In short, it is the most widespread and widely used language in the world. It is the major international language of academia, business, commerce, tourism, the Internet, and much more besides.  For many employers, knowledge of English is a condition of employment, and the standard of English expected is becoming higher and higher. The increased mobility of populations for educational and professional reasons has further accelerated the development of what is a highly dynamic and competitive English Language Teaching sector.

The Final International University English Language Teaching Program has been established and structured within this context. It is our role to train highly knowledgeable and proficient graduates able to help and motivate students of all ages to master this essential language. Our program has a strong “hands-on experience” component, and students can expect to graduate with high level classroom competency, as well as a fluent and accurate command of the target language.

At FIU, you will experience a program that stands out for the personal attention and support you receive from our academic staff, by the small class sizes that enable us to provide you with the care that you deserve, and with ongoing classroom engagement with real learners of English from your very first semester. As the technology of language learning changes and develops, we take every care to ensure that these innovations are reflected in what we believe to be an up-to-date and contemporary program of learning, in which the needs of our students are central to the delivery of our classes.

We look forward to welcoming you to our program.


Our vision is to ensure that the FIU ELT diploma is respected at the highest national and international  levels and that the accomplishments of our graduates contribute to the betterment of their profession, nation, and humanity as a whole.


Our mission is to ensure that our students develop the knowledge, skills, values and confidence that will enable them to teach, motivate and inspire future generations to reach the highest level of English language proficiency.