Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes

It is a program that teaches clinical applications of prosthetic dentistry, current information and technologies, and fixed and removable prostheses theoretically and practically. Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for TMJ and maxillofacial defects is taught and applied. General properties of current materials used in dentistry are taught. By presenting seminars, cases and articles, current developments are followed and reflected in clinical practices.

The aim of the program is; To train dentists who are competent in the field of Prosthetic Dentistry, at national and international level, have critical thinking and scientific understanding, are contemporary, self-confident and tolerant, devoted to their duties, respectful of ethical values, successful and open to competition, and equipped to work as researchers and educators.

With this program, students;

  • Will have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Prosthetic Dentistry and apply this knowledge throughout their professional life. In addition to basic prosthetic treatments, they learn advanced prosthetic treatment options (implant supported restorations, hybrid prostheses, overdenture prostheses, etc.).
  • Will have information about all materials, tools and devices used in the field of Prosthetic Dentistry.
  • In order to apply the most ideal prosthetic treatment to the patients, they practice within their knowledge.