Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Career Opportunities

Those who have completed the cookery associate degree program will be able to work with the titles of "Cook", "Restaurant Manager", and "Chef".

Graduates of the Culinary Arts Department will be employed in both the restaurant business and the hotel industry, as they will know cuisine, service and cooking techniques. Tourism and Hotel Management Sector, Food and Beverage Management sub-sector companies such as Restaurants, Bars and Cafeterias offer employment prospects to our graduates, as there is a great need for personnel trained in both chef and kitchen applications. In this context, it is stated in national reports that there is a high potential for people who will work in these positions in Northern Cyprus within the scope of the VETLAM project (Vocational Education Training Project) supported by the European Commission. This result is also available in the research conducted by the International Final University Department of Tourism and the Northern Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association (KITOB).  Our first graduates from the four-year gastronomy program have all been employed (100% employment) internationally as well as locally.

There are job opportunities within DMG, Akgünler, Pia Bella Hotel and Acapulco Hotel. The university is based in the tourism city of Kyrenia, Cyprus; this creates more job opportunities for graduates. The school has membership with HOSCO which offers opportunities to work abroad, recently it has signed a contract with international organizations such as FIFA Qatar, and Michelin Sar Restaurants in France which has already resulted in the employment of a total of six graduates. New agreements involving other international brands are also in the process of being signed.

Graduates from this program may want to transfer to the four-year program upon graduation.