Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Continuing Education Center

The role of the FIU Continuing Education Center is to work closely with the FIU Careers Office and FIU International Office in order to:

  • Serve the local community by providing a wide range of short courses and other learning opportunities.
  • Offer short course programs to visiting groups of students, academics and professionals.
  • Offer outreach programs both locally and internationally to students, academics and professionals.
  • Deliver the FIU International Summer School programs.
  • Deliver short courses, seminars and workshops intended to develop career skills and opportunities.
  • Develop partnerships with local and international providers in order to provide study-abroad experiences for FIU students.
  • Develop online programs for FIU students and the community more widely.

FIU Continuing Education Center - Application Link: https://online.final.edu.tr/sem/