Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi


FIU recommends that students reside in university accommodation for at least their first year of study. Students can choose from 4 different safe, comfortable, affordable and fully equipped accommodation options: Çatalköy Life Center, Serinli Life Center, Liman Life Center, Beylerbeyi Female Life Center. Free internet, free transportation and a weekly cleaning service are all included within the fees payable per accommodation option. For health and safety reasons, all students residing in university accommodation must abide by the rules of the dormitory service, and must pay the full annual dormitory fee even in the event of early departure from the dormitory.

Students that enter and reside in any FIU dormitory must agree to the following rules:

  • Tobacco / tobacco products cannot be used /smoked in the building (common areas and apartments),
  • Alcohol, drugs and stimulants cannot be kept and used in the Life Center/dormitory,
  • Guests are only allowed to enter areas of the dormitory that are approved and designated by the Dormitory management team or officers, even if the guests are FIU students,
  • Persons who are not officially registered as a resident of the Life Center/dormitory can reside in the accommodation (even if they are FIU students),
  • All students resident in any of the Life Center/Dormitories must accept and abide by the “FINAL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY STUDENT DORMITORY PRINCIPLES AND RULES” in their entirety. A document regarding the mentioned principles and rules can be obtained from the FIU website.