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Counseling Center

Starting a new academic endeavor at a University can be a challenging and demanding experience for some students. New courses, new lifestyle, new friends, and a new atmosphere tends to raise various challenges for students. As students face new problems and stressors that they have never dealt with before and if these are not dealt with properly, the overall university experience can become troublesome. The Counseling Center at Final International University aims to provide psycho-social support, psycho-social education, and counseling services that includes individual counseling, group counseling, skills workshops, crisis intervention and professional referrals when needed. Students currently enrolled at Final International University can obtain these services for free and these services are both private and confidential. The Counseling Center is operated by a mental health professional – counselor or clinical psychologist. The goal of the Counseling Center is to help students understand the source and the dynamics of a problem and help deal with it before the problem becomes much more problematic. All students are invited to come to the Counseling Center to just talk, discuss problems, or obtain general information regarding an everyday problem. Students who are able to adapt to both university and the culture they are living in are more likely to be successful academically and socially. Of the many problems that students face during their university experience include stress, adaptation to university life, adaptation to a new culture, adjusting to academic demands and responsibilities, living in the dormitories, being homesick, establishing relationships with friends and significant others, family problems, etc.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a communicative process based entirely on a voluntary basis where you meet with a professionally trained mental health worker to discuss your problems, deal with existing conflict, and develop helpful skills to deal with these issues. One of the primary goals of counseling is self-discovery where you will have the opportunity to identify and understand how your perception shapes your thoughts and how these thoughts influence both your emotions and behaviors. Although change can be frightening, it is slowly reinforced through teamwork in a safe environment that you are comfortable in. During sessions, the counselor/psychologist will not only be there to listen to you but also offer you new tools to aid in the development of coping strategies that you can benefit from in dealing with your problems and issues. When you come to the Counseling Center, you will be asked to fill out a form with personal details along with your overall goal and interest in receiving counseling services. Next, the counselor/psychologist will work together with you in setting goals and go about how you can reach these goals. Sometimes some problems will appear to be enormously difficult; however, they may be resolved in a single session. Despite this, if deemed necessary or if you feel the need to, you can continue seeing the counselor/psychologist. In the event where the counselor/psychologist is unable to meet your needs or is not qualified to deal with a particular issue, then a referral will be made so that you can get the professional help needed. In general, counseling sessions are done held on a weekly basis either on a one-to-one basis or as a group. In order for counseling sessions to be effective and productive, it is important that you come to your appointments regularly and be open and honest when sharing information with the counselor/psychologist.

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All sessions held at the Counseling Center are done in a private setting and are strictly confidential. This means that any information you provide during the sessions will stay between you and the counselor/psychologist. Information can only be shared with others if your written permission is obtained; however, confidentiality is broken in the event you threaten to harm yourself or another person or there is an immediate danger to your life. When confidentiality is broken, the goal is to keep you and others safe.

Group Counseling

Like individual counseling, group counseling is a form of counseling that is done with a group of students with problems that are either identical or similar. Usually in a group there are anywhere between 6 to 8 persons. Again, like individual counseling, group counseling also meets on a scheduled day and time. In group counseling, because there is a shared common ground regarding the problem, group members often find extra support and feedback that they are unable to in general.


The Counseling Center offers psycho-social and educational workshops to increase awareness and strengthen personal growth among students. Some workshops may include stress management, relationship issues, anger management, assertiveness training, eating disorders and body issues, grief and loss, and sexual abuse and assault. The Counseling Center is always open to workshop suggestions that you believe can be of help.

Psychiatric Consultation

Sometimes just basic counseling services may not be enough and a psychiatric consultation or even treatment services may be necessary. When this is the issue, students currently enrolled at Final International University will be referred accordingly. 

Resources and Referrals

In addition to the resources available on campus, off-campus resources that will be of additional help to students are also available. These referrals and resources include organizations, clinics, medical specialists, and literature resources that are informative and relative to the student’s problems.

To Make an Appointment

With the exceptions of emergencies, the Counseling Center works by appointment only. Although our door is open to everyone at all times, you need to make an appointment. In order to make an appointment, you can either stop by in person when you see the door open or you can send us an e-mail ([email protected]). So, where are we located? The Counseling Center is located on the 1st floor of the main building in CR132